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The Seven Chakras with Faith (Third Eye)

The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra of the seven chakras that transcends time. It is located in the brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection.

Now, I have probably spent the past decade with my third eye shut, at least it feels this way. In the past few weeks, I have only begun to stimulate the third eye (in between the brow) and I am not sure if I know that my third eye is opening…..I’ll keep at it or is it open? This chakra life is serious…..calling Faith! Awakening the seven chakras



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The Seven Chakras with Faith (Crown)

The last and the greatest chakra of all the Seven Chakras – The Crown. The Crown Chakra is probably the chakra most inactive for folks. The crown chakra is at the top of the “chakra ladder” which starts from the root chakra that grounds us on the Earth and progresses upward to the Sahasrara which connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation. Being grounded and connected with nature and us as human being, the realization that we are one being. I honor this chakra and work to be more mindful when I interact with others. This crown given great energy to all the chakras, I am so grateful to have come across this knowledge when I did. This information about chakras resonated with my soul and reawakened my spirit that was longing to bus out and radiate authentically.

Thank you Faith for giving us more insight into how to awakening and strengthening the Seven Chakras, we have enjoy!



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The Seven Chakras with Faith (Throat)

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra of the seven chakras and it is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the “chakra ladder”. This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and its color is blue. The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth. The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.

This chakra, of all the chakras has been my most challenging because the art of effective communication has not been taught to many of us and for some of us there has been some trauma with communicating. The issue with being able to say what we feel without being combative because we fear not being heard otherwise.



Our SNL Night: Flex and Shanice


Saturday Night Lineup: OWN’s Flex and Shanice


OWN’s Flex & Shanice

So with all the ratchet television (we admit that we get caught up in it sometimes but not often) it is refreshing that one of our favorite television networks, OWN’s Saturday night line up is awesome. With one of there reality shows, entertainment upcoming power couple, Flex and Shanice, last week’s show heated up a little bit with family member Ruba throwing a party and getting arrested on air (Ruba’s Party Lands Him In Jail). Although that was a juicy moment, the moment that warmed our hearts was when Shanice was given some constructive criticism and confidence boost to get in the studio and write a song. This was a great moment to see Shanice get into a position of creativity, passion and reignite her writing ability. It has been some years since we have heard from the songbird and her memorable single, ‘I Love Your Smile’ in the 90s and with the show, this is a great way for the fan to connect with the artist. We can forget that celebrities are people and the go through the ups and downs, rock bottoms and ultimate highs but the nature of being able to overcome adversity is what makes the show a must watch on Saturday Nights with your own family. Flex and Shanice have obviously experienced some major rock bottoms but in this episode, you get to see how they are climbing to the top and seeing that success is not that far off. How beautiful is to see a couple support each other, keep their family in tact, survive the drama and still be in love with one another? How we hope this show inspires other couples to go the distance but learning to work together!!!

Be sure to watch last week’s episode below and set your DVRs (if you have to) to OWN’s Hit Reality Series: Flex and Shanice




The Seven Chakras with Faith (Heart)

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra of the seven chakras; the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy is located in the center of the chest at the heart level. I would say this is my favorite chakra and have been really opening up my heart for more compassion towards others but more towards myself.

I can say that when I first did a yoga routine geared towards opening up the heart chakra, I realized that I have walls surrounding my heart and it was a humbling and awakening experience. So much resentment and judgement about failing relationships with boyfriends or with my family, doing the yoga brought things into focus for me and I began my true healing journey.

Let’s see what Faith can help us do to open up our HEART….CHAKRA!!!

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