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The Seven Chakras with Faith (Root Chakra)

The root chakra is the first of the seven chakras and is located at the base of the spine. It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and the Earth. Muladhara is the most instinctual of all chakras — it is your survival center.

I have spent the last year working, healing and balancing my root chakra and the changes I see in my relationships with family and feeling more secure. Here’s the second video with Faith Hunter as she talks about activating your root chakra….


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Introduction of The Seven Chakras with Faith

If life seems to be off balance for you and feel an inner call that things are just not in alignment and want to get centered. Check out the video series about the Seven Chakras with Faith Hunter, Global Yoga Instructor and Trainer. Check out FaithHunter.com

In the meantime, we are posting Faith’s Videos on The Seven Chakras and first up is the Introduction of the Chakras

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The Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga with Kino MacGregor ( Follow Her on Instagram @kinoyoga and Subscribe to her YouTube Channel Kino Yoga)


I have been off and on again with my yoga (trust, I am frustrated with myself and long for consistency in my yoga practice). However, since I began back in early 2014, my body responds well to the practice and I find that I am less anxious and stressed. I never really paid much attention to my body and how tense I was until I implemented yoga into my regimen. Yoga has been beneficial for many individuals looking to heal and balance the mind, body and spirit. Below is a picture from Huffington Post, giving more details about the benefits of yoga.


Check out the article 38 Health Benefits of Yoga for a full list of benefits and start your yogi journey!









Do You Have Chronic Dissatisfaction?


In the film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Cristina embarks on a love affair triangle with a seducing  and passionate Spanish painter and his emotionally unbalanced wife, Juan Antonio and Marie Elena while spending a summer in Barcelona. In the beginning, Cristina enjoyed their relationship looking to understand and find herself and what she wanted out of life. She was mesmerized by the couple’s intensity and longed for such energy but becomes intimidated and confused, then she decides to end their relationship. Angered by her decision, Marie Elena points out to Cristina that she has illness, never satisfied…. “you have chronic dissatisfaction.

This inspired a thought and new search, who has chronic dissatisfaction and is the majority of the world’s population suffering from it. The constant need for more, more or never going the distance with one thing. The inability to start and finish a project or relationship while envying other’s abilities to manage their lives. Is there truly a such thing as chronic dissatisfaction? That frequent feeling of discontent, displeased and unsatisfied. What are your thoughts? Do you think you have it?

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Who Are You When You Are At Your Best?

It is sometimes difficult for any one of us to not be so critical of ourselves, therefore projecting judgement (criticism) onto others. So you have to go back to ask yourself, who am I? Who are you at your best? It is always best to identify those things for yourself, and we have the founder of Success Magazine and Success Coach, Darren Hardy to help us tap into ourselves and get clear on this so we are presenting that energy majority of the time without it being draining to do. Watch the video below




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