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Defining Spirituality – What Does It Mean?

What is Spirituality? This has been a journey many have embarked on to discover the meaning behind it all; is it about religion and the beliefs that we have been conditioned to operate in? In this, there is a constant experience of defining what spirituality is. So many have worked to define what spirituality is and why it is so important to connect with our spirituality. More people are tapping into this thought of energy and consciousness which is heightening our society’s state of awareness to perception and perspective.  Below, there is a video that we have come across, just one perspective and we will add more videos from others who are looking or are defining what spirituality means or better yet what spirituality is!

Where do we start, is religion separate than spirituality? Does this define our perception of God and our relationship, our connection with the higher being? Some of us, are searching for inner clarity on this subject and this sure will not be the last time we intend to post or talk about spirituality. Our society seems to be evolving into a more conscious global community where the desire to communicate and understand each other and our purpose is multiplying.


Jonathan Ellerby has a great insight into what spirituality is and you can begin your own journey of discovering as well as getting in touch with your own spirituality.




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