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Are You Living in a Happy County? 

I live in Prince George’s County, Maryland – one of the richest counties in the US. However, I came across an article that listed Top 10 Happiest Counties in the US and oddly PG County isn’t on it! No shocker to me that one of the richest counties does not rank to be one of the happiest. Why do you think that is? 


Riches doesn’t equate to happiness? No, that’s not how media and past generations have taught us. The understanding money will make life functional but will not make us happy is what we lack. We need to understand the difference and balance of living and making money to live well. Bottom line: if you aren’t happy then why is making more money so important to you? 

Full on Creed | 5 Key Salute

All hype should be around this movie and boxing should take a hard look at the caliber of rounds and pounds this movie is taking. Without giving away too much of this movie, Michael Jordan plays Adonis Creed, trouble man and son of late great boxer

Creed Reignites the “Rocky” Saga

I ventured out to see the movie, Creed and it’s my second favorite movie seen in theaters in 2015. With Michael B. Jordan playing the role of Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis (Donnie) Creed-Johnson from the Rocky Saga along side Sylvester Stallion playing his original character now retired boxer turn restaurant owner. The two make a great pair in the film, directed by Ryan Coogler – who did a fantastic job of bringing life back to this legacy film. 
With movies this year like, Straight Outta Compton being such a hit filled with violence, racism, misogynistic energy yet insight into their journey based on a true story; Creed came with the hero’s journey and I believe that Coogler and cast are reviving this saga in a way where Creed could be the next franchise boxing film. SocietyKeeper gives Creed Five Keys!!!

Here’s another article on Movie Franchises and their Rebirth success 10 Movie Franchises Rebirth

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Happy Travel Giving: AAA’s Travel Stats for 2015 Thanksgiving 

So you will never guess how many people who are traveling this Thanksgiving….4.6 million have hit the road.

I couldn’t fathom travel in any capacity whether it be by car, train or plane; traffic delays and frustrated travelers, the thought is daunting. Yet so many have hit the road to enjoy the holidays with each other and their loved one Millions Hit The Road this Thanksgiving – AAA Newsroom
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Jill Scott’s Rendition of  Billy Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ Reminds Us The Power of Our Voice

After hearing, I am reminded that our history is meant to be remembered but not to be relived. We have more power than we know to truly shift the peace and harmony in the world. Our goal is to not repeat the chaos and strife from the past but work towards awareness and healing. Morgan Freeman introduced the artist eloquently at A&E’s Shining A Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America and reminded us we have so far to go in these times. Take a look at Jill’s performance and be sure to download the original version of this song when you get the opportunity

Jill Scott Rendition of ‘Strange Fruit’

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