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Think About It Thursday: Business and Finances



HELLO My beautiful KINGS and QUEENS, SPRING has sprung upon us! Have you been enjoying this crazy weather?…one minute its nice out the next minute its cold! I surely hope this weather gets it’s act together soon!

Well, it’s that time again!!! It’s Think About It Thursday!

I hope you have been making a conscious effort to transform your mind regarding your business and finances. The transformation/renewal of your mind is key to achieving your business and/or finance goals. Bad business practices and poor money management are sure ways to delay your journey on the road to business success and financial freedom…so don’t delay start TODAY!!!

On another note….

A message came across my Facebook timeline yesterday that I thought would be a great topic of discussion for today! How many of you have a Million Dollar Vision? How many of you have shared that vision with folks and the response you received made you feel some type of way? You know the sad truth is not everybody is rooting for your success!

Million Dollar Vision

As we continue to make a conscious effort to transform our minds regarding our business & finances we have to be careful to whom we share our visions with. Maybe you want to be debt free, grow your business to millionaire status, or travel the world. Whatever vision has been placed in your spirit man make sure you are not surrounded by 1 CENT MINDS.

As always, I have a challenge for you (remember as I challenge you, I challenge myself)!

Business Challenge

Over the next several days, I challenge you to take that million dollar vision and devise a plan (similar to the one below) on how your business is going to reach that million dollar goal.



Finance Challenge

As we work diligently to transform into the wealthy KINGS and QUEENS  we are destined to be. I want you to prepare a budget for your personal finances with the main goal of financial freedom in mind. Your budget will paint a vivid picture which will tell you if you living within or outside of your means.


If you have any topics that you would like me to discuss let me know. Remember KINGS and QUEENS bad habits aren’t broken overnight we must take baby steps….baby steps my KINGS and QUEENS!

Until we meet again!!



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