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Why Chris Rock was perfect to host The Oscars




Chris Rock in Black Hollywood, The Oscars and Diversity

Chris Rock as the host of The Oscars, tackling #OscarsSoWhite boycott and lack of diversity

Now I know this late according to some people but I’m the type of writer where I can’t write until I have some real to reflect on and have content to back it up.
At the 88th 2016 Academy Awards, Chris Rock hosts The Oscars , (in my opinion) dove right in and found a eloquent and comedic way of addressing the boycott JadaPS(started by Jada Pinkett Smith, in defense of the lack of diversity in award nominees and categories aka the neglect of her actor husband, Will Smith), the lack of diversity in Hollywood and references to hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. Rock was able to get people out of their comfort zones and pay more attention by showing up and hosting the show even though some of his actor comrades would have preferred he not take the job. I mean, can’t you make more if s difference being in the room than not even in the game to start.
Now that I’ve said all of that, my subconscious reminded that Chris Rock had already addressed diversity in filmthe issue of diversity and calling out the African American community a few years back in a HBO special, The Black List. His piece was one of my favorite because it not only make me want to stand up and take accountability for my own legacy but gave me the permission to fail at something but still get back up on my feet and keep going. Jada (as much as I love you), should’ve watched this because it may have been one of his best but you forgot you and your family are in position where if someone said you sucked, you’d still be okay. You are also in a position of power to create your own Black Academy Award Show (if you are ready, solicit my services for branding concepts and marketing).

Take a look at the clip and be reminded to get up and go to work for what you want, get in the room and let’s get to the point where we create our own opportunities and leverage our resources…you will still be awesome if you sucked!!

Leave your comments! Do you think that Chris Rock made the right choice to host?

Rih Rih Does It…AGAIN!

Rihanna-Vogue-Cover-April-2016Rihanna, Rihanna, RIHANNA! Yes, I am a proud member of Ms. Fenty’s Navy!  She’s talented, edgy, fashionable, and certainly does not mind taking risks. Nonetheless, she does not care about what anyone thinks which is what I love about her most! In the wake of her “ANTI” album release and her tour, Rihanna graces the cover of Vogue once again. This is her 4th Vogue cover appearance. She looked absolutely stunning in a multi-colored, sequin and mesh gown complimenting her killer curves.04-16covernewVO55324_4c_NoBarcode_NoSpine.pdf The pop goddess recently released her collaboration line and shoe with Puma. She reveals to us she is working on another collaboration, this time it’s with Dior! Dior you say?! YES, DIOR! Reading this, I immediately became excited! We all know how fierce and fashionably conscious Rih Rih is. I’m truly looking forward to seeing her creatvity in the “high fashion’ arena. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing bright colors as well as plenty of details and accessories. o-RIHANNA-VOGUE-570We all know Rihanna is the queen details and accessorizing in her own wardrobe. This is evident as she blesses us on the cover of Vogue UK with her detailed cowgirl theme. Must we also mention she is working on a collaboration line of shoes with one of the “shoe gods” Manolo Blahnik?Looks like her resume will be nothing less than stellar! Judging the covers and spreads, we can expect great things from Ms. Fenty in the fashion industry!

The Met Gala Is Almost Here!

rihanna-vogue-met-gala-special-coverThe awards season has ended, fashion weeks have come and gone….what’s next? I have two words….MET GALA. One of fashion’s most grand event is coming upon us and will be here on May 2nd. I absolutely love looking at all of the different fashions gracing the red carpet at this event. It is here where designers are given the free will and their creativity is at an all time high. All of fashion’s elite attend this event, as well as the cream of the crop of Hollywood. The theme for this year: Manus vs. Machina. The focus will be on haute couture and machine made fashion. So, it’s basically embroidery, lace work, and pleating vs. thermo shaping, laser cutting, and circular knitting. Sounds like we will be seeing a lot dresses with details TO DIE FOR.  This should be exciting! This year I’m expecting some ridiculously awesome dresses! I mean, what designer would not have fun with this theme? I believe the red carpet will e anything but boring this year. Yes my darlings, I know it’s about 7 weeks away, but hold tight! It will be here before you know it! So, to suppress your appetite for this marvelous event, let’s take a look at last year’s showstoppers. It doesn’t hurt to get a reminder of killer of an event in fashion this is for us fashion crooners right?

Zendaya Coleman


Jennifer Lopez


Selena Gomez




Rosie Huntington-Whiteley




Kim Kardashian-West


Sarah Jessica Parker


Meet Mr. Flanagan

IMG_1766 IMG_1767

I like to consider myself as someone who lives, eats, and breathes fashion. I’m always intrigued by designers and their clothing. However, there is one thing I have never done I have always wanted to do, sit down and “chat” with a fashion designer. I have always wanted to know what inspired these people to make the clothing that I indulge in looking at in magazines, on websites, on television, and even in books. Fortunately, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak personally with one. This man is not just a designer, but he is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Kenneth “KAS” Flanagan is the CEO of KAS Collection Inc. and House of Kas boutique. I researched his work and I must say I was thoroughly impressed, he is definitely a hidden treasure who carries tremendous prominence. From the immaculate tailoring of his signature suits to the thorough detailing and fitting of his dresses, Mr. Flanagan represents one of the most important traits to have as a designer, QUALITY.IMG_1765

What’s even more impressive is he did not attend fashion school or receive any type of education when it came to designing and making clothing. He simply learned on his own, “I used to go to consignment shops because my mom got tired of me wasting fabrics and messing them up. So, I said you know what? I can go to thrift stores. I can buy suits, dresses etc.” With those same suits and dresses, he would take them apart and sew them back together. Through that practice Mr. Flanagan learned how to sew. He has created pieces for Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, and Trey Songz to name a few. It was Kas who inspired Trey Songz to cut off his braids and take on the clean haircut look. I was interested in finding out what inspired this fashion connoisseur to get in the industry. He simply replied, “My mother.” He then continued and said, “She was a huge influence in my life. She could dress her tail off. She was dressing people, styling people, doing makeovers for people. She even did makeovers do us.  I was fascinated by it so, I took it and ran with it.” It was clear that fashion was a way of life from a child and it was certainly in his DNA. It was then he explained through his mother he learned wearing a name brand does not make you more “fashionable” than the next person. I had no choice but to agree with his statement. Fashion is more than just name brands, it is about personality and expressing yourself through clothing. It was then I was inclined to ask Mr. Flanagan about his breakthrough moment in his career. In 2003, he entered the BMW International Designers competition,IMG_1763 “I typically just wanted to get involved, just to be around my comrades, to be inspired, and see where I would place in that type of environment.” Out of 250 designers from around the world, he placed third. So, here I am speaking with someone who is not just a regular designer, a designer who carries legitimate international recognition. From someone who appreciates fashion, I was quite overwhelmed and slightly star struck. Kas would later receive further notoriety after being named designer of the year in New York, Paris, and London. Along with many other accolades, he got his big break when he released his line through Saks Fifth Avenue. For all of you high fashion designer name brand lovers, we BOTH know Saks is a big deal! I also consider it to be an amazing win for the African American community being that an African american male’s creativity was deemed great enough to be displayed in a department store where there is a strong emphasis on quality high fashion. It is February so, that may just be a little known black history fact for you (*wink wink*).IMG_1930 As he was going down his list of achievements, I couldn’t help but to be astonished. Mr. Flanagans’s resume was immaculate, “I was a ghost designer for designers such as YSL, Escada, Gucci, Burberry, Max Azria for 11 years.” He was also given the opportunity to move to Milan and understudy Yves Saint Laurent himself, “That was my mentor.” During the interview Mr. Flanagan was very open. He was captivating and passionate. Eventually he want to be a college professor, educating students on the fashion industry. I wanted to know what advice he would give someone looking to work in the industry, “Know your market, do your research.” Doesn’t sound like much right? However, it says a mouthful. I have no doubt Mr. Flanagan will be a fashion legend. As far as a line that gives quality as well as speaking couture Kenneth “Kas” Flanagan is certainly your “guy”.

The Age of Adaline – One of 2015 Best Movies

The story of Adaline is about a young woman, born at the turn of the 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident. After many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into.

Blake Lively, who plays Adaline Bowman, in one of her best performances in her career. The Age of Adaline delivers a stellar  love story of surrender and trust; the fresh revival of love in cinematic play. Co-starring alongside Blake, Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn. For not giving too much of the movie away, it’s definitely worth buying in Blu-Ray or Amazon Fire Stick.
This story makes you wonder how you go through with the inability to age. Many wish they could stop aging for their on vane reasoning; the variables in life this could change your perspective.

Check out the official trail of  The Age of Adaline

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