Amy Winehouse Tribute



We know we are a week late from her untimely death on July 23rd but this post had to be done. SocietyKeeper absolutely loves the music Amy Winehouse left behind for us to enjoy. Amy became legendary the minute she came out with her first mainstream album. Her timeless and vintage soulful voice was so reminiscent of the legendary singers from the 40’s and 50’s era like Billie Holiday, Lena Horne and Frank Sinatra. The release of the documentary, Amy hitting theaters on July 3rd making it almost 4 years after her death, we honor this beautifully soul who died so tragically and publicly. Be sure to watch the trailer below as well as a few videos that we love. Amy was respected in the industry by so many people and her story is one that anyone who aspires to enter into the industry or just having any issues with substance abuse, to please seek or take help to get back to a place of loving yourself and healing. Until the end, Amy sang even with a circle of people willing to throw her into the throws of drugs and alcohol. We have not gotten a chance to see the documentary but we would love to hear from those who have seen the film. We have  provided links to her website where you can donate to The Amy Winehouse Foundation as well article post you can read about Amy on  US Weekly Interview with Kelly Osbourne as She Remembers Amy Winehouse and The Guardian Interview with Mark Ronson about Amy Film

Legends Live Forever and Amy Winehouse definitely earned that title!



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