Monday Night Football: Who U Wit? 

Tonight is Monday Night Football and where I’m from (The DMV, to be exact by way of Prince George’s County, MD) tonight’s game Redskins vs. Cowboys: many will be watching. Football home parties, lounges and restaurants will generate great revenue and banter during tonight’s game. However, with thousands and thousands of people in the DMV we have separation. There are many people who live here but are Cowboy fans and it makes for great debates sometimes resulting in beefs amongst social groups.

Comedian, Tony Baker, from Los Angeles gives commentary on how people should support their home teams which is quite hilarious! Check Tony Baker on ADD (All Def Digital) video below and leave your comments! Do you agree?

2 Min Drills with Tony Baker
My mother tells me all the time, “not supporting your home team(s) is like not supporting your own child” 🤔🤔

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