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Over The Hump: Hump Day Funny Man – Emmanuel Hudson



One of my favorite things I loved when I was a kid was to get the Washington Post Sunday paper – the comics (Washington Post’s Arts & Living Comics)! They had all kinds of comic strips to read and my two favorite to keep up with was Dennis The Menace and Apartment 3-G (don’t judge me). Now that I am older and internet has taken over, I haven’t been inclined to continue on with my favorite pastime. I do love various forms of comedy from romantic comedies and live shows. Some of my favorite comedians – Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and I can not forget the entire Wayans clan. Women, who are making some noise on the comedy circuit, Melissa McCarthy, Kim Whitley, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, young Zendaya, Queen Latifah and many others. Laughter truly feeds the soul and spirit. If you ask me when more funny can bring more healing to the world that so desperately needs it.

So here’s what I have decided, instead of waiting until Sunday to get my dose of humor and funny, I am bringing it to Hump Day! Not only will I add strips from the previous Sunday paper but I will do one of my favorite things to do…..feature rising comedians/actors/skits from various social media platforms such as Instagram.

This week was hard to choose who would be featured first because let’s face its some hilarious people on social media and building their brands and audiences this way. So this week, we decided to go with Emmanuel Hudson! Emmanuel and his brother, Phil have been at it for several years with their skits and parodies. Emmanuel has also made appearances on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out show on MTV. Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram posts and their YouTube channel. Funnies to get you over the hump!


When it comes to comedy, Emmanuel is building up to be one of the funniest of this generation. Click on the links to view some of Emmanuel’s hilarious Instagram video!! Be sure to follow him on IG too @emanhudson

#itsnotthatserious Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

#itsnotthatserious Itsy Bitsy Spider

#cornyjokesfordays Why was the cellphone drunk?

#itsnotthatserious Mary Had A Little Lamb

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