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Over The Hump: Hump Day Funny Man – Emmanuel Hudson



One of my favorite things I loved when I was a kid was to get the Washington Post Sunday paper – the comics (Washington Post’s Arts & Living Comics)! They had all kinds of comic strips to read and my two favorite to keep up with was Dennis The Menace and Apartment 3-G (don’t judge me). Now that I am older and internet has taken over, I haven’t been inclined to continue on with my favorite pastime. I do love various forms of comedy from romantic comedies and live shows. Some of my favorite comedians – Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and I can not forget the entire Wayans clan. Women, who are making some noise on the comedy circuit, Melissa McCarthy, Kim Whitley, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, young Zendaya, Queen Latifah and many others. Laughter truly feeds the soul and spirit. If you ask me when more funny can bring more healing to the world that so desperately needs it.

So here’s what I have decided, instead of waiting until Sunday to get my dose of humor and funny, I am bringing it to Hump Day! Not only will I add strips from the previous Sunday paper but I will do one of my favorite things to do…..feature rising comedians/actors/skits from various social media platforms such as Instagram.

This week was hard to choose who would be featured first because let’s face its some hilarious people on social media and building their brands and audiences this way. So this week, we decided to go with Emmanuel Hudson! Emmanuel and his brother, Phil have been at it for several years with their skits and parodies. Emmanuel has also made appearances on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out show on MTV. Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram posts and their YouTube channel. Funnies to get you over the hump!


When it comes to comedy, Emmanuel is building up to be one of the funniest of this generation. Click on the links to view some of Emmanuel’s hilarious Instagram video!! Be sure to follow him on IG too @emanhudson

#itsnotthatserious Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

#itsnotthatserious Itsy Bitsy Spider

#cornyjokesfordays Why was the cellphone drunk?

#itsnotthatserious Mary Had A Little Lamb

Under The Influence: Weekend Recap

REHAB TIME Under His Influence

I have to dial in and just say that this past weekend was a humbling one. I was supposed to go to New York City with my bestie and kick back and enjoy the city and I am sure it would have been a blast, we are always laughing – great conversations where I always walk away reflecting. However, I must say I am glad that it was my divine destiny to stay home. To kick off my weekend, Friday I attended the first event date scheduled for Trent Shelton’s “Under His Influence” Tour, creator of RehabTime, an . I am so grateful that Washington, DC was the first stop; the event was held at the Shakespeare Theatre Company: Lansburgh, located on blocks 7th and E (check out Shakespeare’s website calendar, Shakespeare Theatre). Getting into the city is always a plus for me, so this was a great reason to hope on the Metro and enjoy the atmosphere.

Anyone who follows RehabTime knew this event was more of insight and confirmation that on your quest to fulfillment and purpose, you are healing from years of negative scarring and wounds and that had become a parasite on your spirit. As the weekend went on, reflection into where I lack and limit myself – I was humbled. Here are a few things am facing and starting the hard, awkward, raw question:

1. What other people think or say about me drives how I operate in living fully in my purpose and this is limiting my potential for growth.

2. That we all operate on the surface level of our issues and that if we do not learn to start digging more into our truth, we will always be lost.

3. In business and in personal relationships, you can not be afraid to ask the hard, raw questions.

4. When you learn to surrender what you think your life should be to what life is moving you towards, you may never live a happy life.

5. Media has been more of the catalyst in defining what we think we should want for ourselves and we are more unconscious of how we are being influenced.

6. Most of us are addicted to something and running from something. We need to stop running and start healing.

7. Our past, our present and our future is created by the power of our thoughts and our words invoke POWER. We are unbalanced because our thoughts and words are unbalanced. We have spent generations passing on warped perceptions of how reality can be.

8. When you decide to change, transform and evolve; you will begin to see how the people around you look different, think different and live limited lives. You become more aware of how you are no longer equally yoked with them but you can still love them and not judge them because their season for growth has not begun.

9. My spiritual evolution is far from over but this is the greatest time in our history to become more awaken to truth.

10. I am continuing to do myself and the world a great disservice but not living more in my purpose and lower myself to a lower vibration that is no longer suited for the movement that is to come.


As a society, we have some major work to do and I am making the commitment to have the conversations and do the digging that is required in order to truly see the change we seek. We are the keepers and we have the power of influence, all of us. Ask yourself: What do you want your influence to be?

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You can watch Trent Shelton and visit his website to follow his organization, Rehab Time. Use the hashtag – #iamREHAB

You can follow Trent Shelton and Rehab Time on social media

Twitter: Trent Shelton – @TrentShelton | Rehab Time – @RehabTime

Facebook: Trent Shelton | RehabTime

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Women’s History Month: #WCW MJB


Mary J. Blige

This Woman Crush Wednesday in honor of Women’s History Month (as my daughter would correct me, Herstory), we chose Mary J. Blige this month for a few reasons…..


1. Mary sings from her heart and soul….it does not get any better than that. She real to the core. When she is in a dark place, Mary uses the music to release and has made the sound that helps heal the soul. Since What’s the 411? to her latest album, Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions, she has remained consistent with giving us music that helps us through our most trying times. Mary is one of the most honest and humble artists of our time!

2. Mary is New York to the fullest!!! I am a big fan of NYC….it is something about that city that I just love; however, New York City although small on the map, is a huge place with its tall buildings and the dubbed accolade ‘the concrete jungle’. Not that there aren’t places around the globe that has hardship but if you can come up and survive the toughness and roughness of New York City, you can make it anywhere.  Mary embodies that ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude and style.

3. Mary shows us that anyone woman can wear a scar with class and grace. Despite having a history  of drugs, alcohol and abusive relationship, Mary has showed us what resilience looks like.

4. Mary is a timeless artist and entertainer. With 12 albums on her resume, we hope that she continues to give us more of her music. To SocietyKeeper, Mary J. Blige is a living legend.

Check Mary’s latest music video, ‘Doubt’ off of her recent project – Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions – which she has documented her journey through her musical evolution in the creation of this project.  We are truly excited to watch how far Mary went to give us more of that soulfulness.

Download Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions – http://smarturl.it/thelondonsessions


The London Sessions Documentary Trailer


Women’s History Month: #WCW – Skylar Diggings

Hello Beautiful People,


Skylar Diggins - A Phenomenal Woman

Skylar Diggins – A Phenomenal Woman

This is one month I can truly get excited about, not just because I am a phenomenal woman creating the life I always wanted – I get the privilege of talking about all the great phenomenal women that are making noise in society today. So I thought, why not do it on Woman Crush Wednesdays, known as #WCW! SocietyKeeper will be doing a feature on a phenomenal woman that is making a difference and writing herstory! So this week’s pick is Skylar Diggins and here are a list of reasons why she’s the pick:

1. Trailing through Instagram and discovered this beautiful woman and was intrigued to learn more: She’s a basketball player (forgive me I do not follow sports) for WNBA playing at #4 for Tulsa Shock. She has received accolades and broken some records playing at this position.


2. She is a philanthropist!!! Giving back is huge for SocietyKeeper….Skylar is a member of the Board of Directors for GenYouth Foundation, which collaborates with leaders and other partners to identify solutions to improve nutrition and physical activity in the lives of young children. Skylar, also has a foundations of her own, Skylar’s Scholars – a program that highlights academic achievements of the youth who have overcome challenges.


3. She has entrepreneur mindset – partnering with several sports and fitness companies such as: BodyArmor (a super drink packed with electrolytes, vitamins,  and coconut water),  Nike’s latest shoe for women’s fitness training called Zoom Air and a protein milk beverage called Rockin’ Refuel as part of a healthy fitness routine.


4. Skylar is only 25…… and 5’9, did I mention she is really beautiful.


5. Skylar loves Martin! Anyone that loves Martin and will post clips of the show on their IG has put major points on the board in my book. (check out her Instagram when you get a chance)

6. (Bonus but most important) Skylar takes care of her body inside out! She is a clean eater and promotes this lifestyle to the kids she works with and on her social media.

To learn more about Skylar Diggins, visit her website and follow her social media handles! Oh and check out an interview with Skylar and Stack Magazine

Official Skylar Diggins (website)

Twitter/Instagram: @skydigg4

Be sure to follow Stack Magazine on Youtube after you watch the video 😉

Returning Home: Rest Peacefully


Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell of 90s R&B Group, Brownstone

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell of 90s R&B Group, Brownstone


Maxee Tribute

(click the link above to enjoy our tribute to Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell of 90s R&B group, Brownstone)


Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell died over the weekend and I could not be more shocked by this sudden death. She was one of my favorite group members and singers of the 90s R&B Group, Brownstone. She was my favorite because she had an essence of uniqueness about her from her sound to her look! She had an attitude of ‘I only want to be me.’ I was hoping to hear her voice back on the in the music frequency but I am glad I’ve got the records she contributed her voice to listen to and reminisce about life back then. Maxee will live on through the music she made and her family. SocietyKeeper sends our condolences and prayers to her family at this time.



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