Think About It Thursday: RECAP

Hello beautiful KINGS and QUEENS!!!

The objective of the Business and Finance blog is to interact with you the readers about everyday business and finance trials and tribulations! There are very few, if any, who have been perfect when it comes to handling business affairs and personal finances. Most, if not all of us, have encountered bumps along the way that have taught us some very valuable lessons!

Before introducing new discussion topics I want to take this time to do a recap of all the things we have discussed thus far. My goal is to see how much you have been able to accomplish or not been able to accomplish. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we tend to lose sight of the things that we need to do that will positively impact our future.

Week 1 – Think About It Thursday we discussed saving our coins and mind-mapping. I challenged you, as well as myself, to not only begin taking a more simple look at saving but to also create a visual of your future and the goals you want to accomplish. How successful have you been with these two task?

Week 2 – Think About It Thursday’s topic credit report and credit scores. We all know it is important to exemplify creditworthiness in today’s society. Have you taken time out of your busy schedule to pull your free credit report and do a thorough analysis? Have you put together a plan to take care of those negative accounts on your credit report so you can boost your credit score?

Week 3 & 4- Think About It Thursday topics where the Million Dollar Vision and Passion. The Million dollar vision can be applied to both your business and personal finances. It is imperative that we do a thorough assessment on how we handle our finances. Investing in our future now will set us on the road to financial freedom. But….in order to have a million dollar vision you must first know what your purpose is. What are you passionate about? How can you take your passion and profit from it?

These are all things that we need to embed in our thought process. As we transform our thought process these things become second nature to use. Don’t allow society’s perception of you become your reality. You are ROYALTY, you betta act like you know!!!

Like I always say…baby steps KINGS and QUEENS…baby steps (As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built overnight)!!

Until we meet again!


Think About It Thursday: What’s Your Passion?

Hello beautiful KINGS and QUEENS…Its that time again!

I know this is suppose to be a business and finance blog but I don’t want it to be your ordinary business and finance blog. Everyone is talking the same talk about business and finance telling you what you should and should not do. My mission is to get you to think outside the box when it comes to your business and your finances. Sooooo…..with that being said….LOL

Today I want to talk to you about your PASSION! What are you passionate about?Twilight_in_deep_thought_EG

What makes you hop out of bed excited and ready to go? Now, let’s figure out how we can take that same passion and turn into making money! You know oftentimes we let go of what we are passionate about to deal with LIFE! However I need you to understand that we start living when we do what it is that we love to do. We all have a gift and a purpose in life and believe it or not you aren’t really living until you walk in that gift and purpose.

Now let’s tie this into business and finance…

black_man   I challenge you to take a look at your life right now, are you walking in your purpose?! Are you using your gift?!  If not, then I need you to take your gift and/or purpose and devise a plan on how you can turn it into a business that can uplift and build our people! In doing so you are not only building an empire for your family but you are also creating a stream of income that you control. There is no greater feeling than that of making your own money! We all want financial freedom the question is are you willing to step out on faith to create that freedom!!!

Until we meet again…stay encouraged and KEEP PUSHING!!!!


Passport Swipers – Pay To Pass Go!! 

Passport and Uncle Sam

Of course, Uncle Sam isn’t having it! Traveling the world but haven’t paid your taxes…they’ve got something for you!! No passport until you pay up! This is vital information for those adventurous folks who are looking to see the world (like me) and need to understand the importance of making sure you are prepared to journey your “Eat, Love, Pray” lifestyle. Passport literacy and how it counts to the government and how responsibly with your finances.

Read more about the rules and if you have to hide your passport.
Passport and taxes
Give Up the Passport to Uncle Sam




Think About It Thursday: Business and Finances



HELLO My beautiful KINGS and QUEENS, SPRING has sprung upon us! Have you been enjoying this crazy weather?…one minute its nice out the next minute its cold! I surely hope this weather gets it’s act together soon!

Well, it’s that time again!!! It’s Think About It Thursday!

I hope you have been making a conscious effort to transform your mind regarding your business and finances. The transformation/renewal of your mind is key to achieving your business and/or finance goals. Bad business practices and poor money management are sure ways to delay your journey on the road to business success and financial freedom…so don’t delay start TODAY!!!

On another note….

A message came across my Facebook timeline yesterday that I thought would be a great topic of discussion for today! How many of you have a Million Dollar Vision? How many of you have shared that vision with folks and the response you received made you feel some type of way? You know the sad truth is not everybody is rooting for your success!

Million Dollar Vision

As we continue to make a conscious effort to transform our minds regarding our business & finances we have to be careful to whom we share our visions with. Maybe you want to be debt free, grow your business to millionaire status, or travel the world. Whatever vision has been placed in your spirit man make sure you are not surrounded by 1 CENT MINDS.

As always, I have a challenge for you (remember as I challenge you, I challenge myself)!

Business Challenge

Over the next several days, I challenge you to take that million dollar vision and devise a plan (similar to the one below) on how your business is going to reach that million dollar goal.



Finance Challenge

As we work diligently to transform into the wealthy KINGS and QUEENS  we are destined to be. I want you to prepare a budget for your personal finances with the main goal of financial freedom in mind. Your budget will paint a vivid picture which will tell you if you living within or outside of your means.


If you have any topics that you would like me to discuss let me know. Remember KINGS and QUEENS bad habits aren’t broken overnight we must take baby steps….baby steps my KINGS and QUEENS!

Until we meet again!!



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