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Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell of 90s R&B Group, Brownstone

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell of 90s R&B Group, Brownstone


Maxee Tribute

(click the link above to enjoy our tribute to Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell of 90s R&B group, Brownstone)


Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell died over the weekend and I could not be more shocked by this sudden death. She was one of my favorite group members and singers of the 90s R&B Group, Brownstone. She was my favorite because she had an essence of uniqueness about her from her sound to her look! She had an attitude of ‘I only want to be me.’ I was hoping to hear her voice back on the in the music frequency but I am glad I’ve got the records she contributed her voice to listen to and reminisce about life back then. Maxee will live on through the music she made and her family. SocietyKeeper sends our condolences and prayers to her family at this time.



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